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Basic Facts about London Phone Numbers from The Virtual Number Company

12/08/2011 15:48

The Virtual Number Company explain some basic facts about one of the most popular phone numbers available at the moment – the virtual London 020 number
Virtual London phone numbers are proving to be particularly popular at the moment, no doubt because of the London 2012 Olympic Games in less than a year’s time. That, coupled with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubillee means that London will be the place to be in the summer of 2012.

Why are they so popular? Well, despite the collapse in property prices, London prices have managed to stay high, so it is still incredibly expensive to rent or buy a property in London. However, London is the place to do business – with around 12.5% of the UK population based in a very small area, it is no surprise that companies want to be London based, just without the London costs.

This is the key reason why people choose to use a virtual London phone number from The Virtual Number Company. It is a bit like commuting ... people want to work in London because there are more jobs, better jobs, the pay is better etc., but cannot afford to live in London so live outside of London and commute in. The same principle applies with phone numbers – companies get a virtual 020 number in order to appear to be based in London, but actually are based outside of London and just operate within the capital city.

So, now seems a good time to explain a few basic details about them. The Virtual Number Company provides a range of 0203, 0207 and 0208 virtual telephone numbers. These can be ordered from The Virtual Number Company anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). The friendly, helpful staff there will connect you within minutes. Virtual Numbers are pointed at an existing landline or mobile number, so no new equipment or phone system is needed. 

There is a one off set up fee charge of £15.00 + VAT, and then a monthly rental fee of £5.00 + VAT. You then pay 2.9p + VAT per minute to receive the call if the number is routed to a landline, but 8p + VAT per minute if the number is routed to a mobile, but The Virtual Number Company uses per second billing, so you only pay for exactly what you use. Therefore, if you’re on the phone for 2 minutes 20 seconds and your London phone number is routed to a landline, you are charged 7p, not rounded up to 3 minutes and charged 9p. At the end of the month, this mounts up to quite a bit.

Only 30 days notice is needed to cancel the contract, and discounts are available for multiple numbers. The Virtual Number Company also offer a range of extra features to accompany their 0207 and 0208 London numbers, and offer fax-to-email London numbers as well.

Commenting on London numbers, Marketing Director Jemma Fox said “It’s no surprise that virtual London phone numbers are so popular at the moment. Everyone wants to get in on the London Olympic games, and this is a much cheaper way of doing it than actually owning or renting property in London. Are friendly team will help you set one up or tell you more about it if you’re not sure, so just give us a ring”.
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