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The importance of the voice at the end of the telephone

26/08/2011 14:23

“If you have one or more virtual local numbers from The Virtual Number Company, then you might have one of our added value features as well”, says Jemma Fox, Marketing Director of The Virtual Number Company. “If so, some of these are likely to include the voices of our specially trained receptionists, particularly the voicemail feature, where your customers will be invited to leave a message for you which is then emailed to you, the greeting message, whereby your callers are welcomed to your business and told that your call will be answered shortly, IVR (Press 1 for Sales), where customers are told to press different numbers depending on which department they want to speak to,  and call queuing, where customers are told that they are in a queue and that their call is important.”
 “If this is the first time that a customer has called then the first voice that they hear will be the voice of one of our receptionists through the optional feature. Therefore, even though we aren’t part of our company, it is important that the voice they hear conveys what you want it to convey, which is why we are now adding voice samples to our website, so that you can hear the voice of the person who will make the first impression on your customers”.

“The same principle applies to our call answering service. Our call answering service involves our receptionists answering your calls either full time or when you are unable to answer all your calls and need an overflow service. If our receptionists are the first people that your customer speaks to, then they get their first impression of your company through us, so it is important that you are happy with the voice that they will be hearing”.

It is even more important to a customer that they hear something at the end of the phone, rather than the phone just continuously ringing. For that reason, one of the optional features outlined above, or the call answering service mentioned, give your company a far more professional appearance than a phone that is never answered. 

“Competitions are always held for the new voice of the speaking clock because even though it only says a few brief words, a voice can say a lot about an organisation in a very short amount of time” says Fox. “What may seem like the smallest, most insignificant fact can put a customer off, and in these uncertain times, you cannot risk losing even one customer”.
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