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Why you should get a London fax-to-email number

11/10/2011 13:01

If you have a virtual London 020 number and you sometimes use a fax machine then you might want to consider ordering a London 020 fax-to-email number to accompany your phone number.

There are a number of reasons why having a fax to email number is a good idea. Firstly, because if you use fax machines quite often then fax to email will make the process or receiving a fax more efficient. Instead of having to keep checking the fax machine to see if a fax has arrived, fax to email sends faxes straight to your email inbox, thus you only have to check for faxes whilst checking for your normal emails.

Secondly, fax to email is better for the environment, makes your company more energy efficient and therefore saves you money. With a normal fax machine you have to leave it switched on all day and all night, all year, even when out of the office, to make sure that if someone sends you a fax, it can be received. This uses a lot of electricity, as well as paper, ink and toner when it spits out lots of sheets of paper, often of pages you don’t need. By receiving the fax as a PDF in your emails, you can print it out if you wish to, only print out selected pages if you need to, or save it in your email inbox or in a folder on your PC, thus meaning you can have it filed with your other records on your computer and meaning it’s not left on a shelf gathering dust in an office separate from all your other work on your computer that is connected to it.

If you are using a virtual London phone number it is often the case that you are wishing to appear to have a presence in London whereas you are actually based just outside of it, because offices and property are cheaper outside of London. Getting a virtual London fax-to-email number means that you won’t therefore give out a London phone number to people, and then have to give out a fax machine number with a Guildford area code for example when someone wants to send you a fax.

Getting a London fax to email number is also a fantastic opportunity to modernise your business. We’re all the same – we have an outdated fax machine in the corner of the office, don’t see the point in buying a new one because not that many people use it anymore, but can’t possibly get rid of it because there are still a few people who fax you, and it looks bad if you say you don’t have a fax number.

The Virtual Number Company’s Director of Marketing, Jemma Fox, said: “For small companies wanting to do business in London, the virtual London number is a great idea, because it gives them a London presence but allows them to have offices just outside of London to save on their overheads. The London fax-to-email number  is a nice little accompaniment to that, so that the phone number matches the fax number, but it is also good for the environment, good for efficiency and good for your wallet, so a great investment all round”.
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