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Why an 0844 number might be the best option

11/05/2012 17:21

0844 numbers are often overlooked in favour of freephone 0800 numbers, but 0844 numbers might be a better option for your business if you’re only just starting up.

This is because, although 0800 numbers are free to the person calling from a landline, they are not free to the person receiving the call. Although they look impressive to customers and potential customers, and are a great marketing tool, you need to be able to make sure you can afford to have one. If you’re expecting a large volume of calls, and you haven’t got a large budget, then an 0800 number might not be for you initially, not until you have grown a bit.

0844 however gives you a rebate of 1p per minute on all of the calls that you receive, so instead of paying to receive phone calls, you get paid for receiving the calls. If you have a large volume of calls, this can stack up and help your business develop and grow quite nicely.

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