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0844 numbers now have 2p per minute rebate

22/10/2012 09:34

Our 0844 numbers point to either an existing landline or mobile phone number, or you can get an 0844 fax to email number. 0844 numbers are non-geographic, meaning they are not associated with any specific area in the UK. Because of this, they are viewed as national numbers, and therefore give your company the appearance of being a large, national business, even if it is not! We only have a 30 days cancellation policy, and aim to connect you within minutes.

We are delighted to announce that we have increased the rebate that the owners of our 0844 numbers receive from 1p per minute to 2p per minute. This therefore means that not only do owners of the number continue to pay nothing to receive calls if the 0844 number is pointed to a landline, but they will now get double the amount of money back for each call received, meaning that if your company gets a huge volume of calls, an 0844 number could not only save you a phone bill, but also ensure that you get a significant addition to your company income each month.

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