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The benefits of a virtual London number

01/02/2013 17:15

London numbersThe Virtual Number Company offers a wide range of virtual numbers for nearly 500 different UK towns and areas.

By far our most popular is the virtual London number. This is the 020 number, although often it is sub divided into 0207, 0208 and 0203 numbers. These exist for historic, geographic reasons, but any number starting 020 is a London number.

These are hugely popular because a London 020 number announces to customers, clients, business partners, suppliers etc. that you are a London business, and if you are a London business, you’ve made it – you have a base in the capital city and you are a company worth dealing with.

The problem with being based in London is that it is incredibly expensive for a number of reasons. Owning business premises there are extremely expensive, as is renting them. Living there is expensive, eating there is expensive, travelling there is expensive.

A much cheaper alternative is to live outside of the M25, and have a virtual London number pointing to your landline or even your mobile, giving you the impression of being a London business and therefore all the benefits that brings, without the costs.

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