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Why choose virtual numbers?

15/03/2013 10:11

Phone bookThe Virtual Number Company has virtual phone numbers for nearly 500 different UK towns and cities. Why do business choose to use virtual numbers?

Businesses often like to have local numbers for areas that they operate in, as they know that many potential customers prefer to use a local business rather than one that is based a long way away. By pointing a virtual number at your existing landline or mobile phone, when someone rings that number it goes to your existing landline or mobile.

So, for example, if your offices where you take all calls and process jobs are in Birmingham, but you are wanting to do business in Lancaster, York, Sheffield and Leeds, then you have virtual numbers for all of those areas which you advertise in those areas, people call what appears to be a local number but come through to your offices in Birmingham, giving the appearance of being a local company.

Businesses therefore choose local numbers when they are doing business in an area but don’t have premises there. They also often choose them if they don’t have offices and wish to receive calls on their mobile. Calling a mobile number often puts potential customers off, but this problem is solved by pointing a virtual local number to it.

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