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Always give your customers a friendly telephone welcome

05/07/2013 13:30

When a customer or potential customer calls you, first impressions count. You therefore want them to receive a friendly, professional welcome to your company.

You can add our “Greeting Message” added value feature to your Virtual or London phone number, or your non-geographic 0800, 0845 or 0844 number for just £5 + VAT set up and £5 + VAT per month service charge.

We will create a greeting message to say whatever you would like it to say. It can tell them that their call will be answered shortly, or that their call is important to you, or can contain your slogan – anything you would like it to include! 

When a customer or potential customer calls your business, the first thing they will hear will be that greeting message of your choice, giving them a friendly, professional welcome and thanking them for calling your business. It is therefore an incredibly important marketing tool.

When the greeting message has finished, the call will then be connected. The feature will have made your company look professional and thorough. To add the “Greeting Message” feature to your phone number, call us on 0800 142 2499.

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