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Never forget anything said in a phone call again …

26/07/2013 11:07

… with our absolutely brilliant inbound call recording feature.

This is just one of our added value features which you can choose to add to the 0800, 0845, virtual or 0844 numbers that you have from us.

The feature records your inbound calls for you. You can choose whether we record all of your inbound calls, a selection of your inbound calls, or we can set it up so that you choose during the phone conversation whether or not it should be recorded.

Most of our customers choose to record all of their inbound calls, but it depends on the aim of the recording the phone calls. For example, if you just want the call recordings for training purposes, then a selection of calls is fine.

However, if you want the recordings so that you can keep accurate records of what you and other people have said, then recording all calls is probably the best option. It means you don’t have to worry about making notes during the phone call, won’t have to worry about having forgotten any details, and there can be no argument about what was said or agreed.

When the call ends, the recording is sent to you in an email, so you can file it with other documents and files relating to the client or business, or delete it if you don’t need it.

For more details, visit our added values feature page.

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